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South Bay Prosthodontics in Torrance, California, specializes in cutting-edge restorative (“cosmetic”) dentistry. We repair broken, damaged or missing teeth with veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants. Our experienced and highly educated prosthodontists spend time with each patient to fully understand their goals and then provide comprehensive dental evaluations and customized treatment plans to help achieve them. Superior quality and exceptional service is what every patient can expect at South Bay Prosthodontics.

At South Bay Prosthodontics, we are deeply committed to continued education and staying up-to-date with the advancements in dental technology. Our entire team is passionate about dentistry and takes a perfectionist approach to provide a level of quality dental care our patients don’t receive anywhere else. Other dentists in the area routinely refer patients to South Bay Prosthodontics because they know our team has the experience and knowledge required to successfully diagnose and treat complex problems and highly aesthetic cases. 

Prosthodontists approach dental care with an elevated, birds-eye view to understand the way things are working for each patient. While another dentist might repeatedly repair a crown that keeps breaking, a prosthodontist can immediately see the cause of the repeated break is a problem with the patient’s bite.

South Bay Prosthodontics is proud to partner with the Torrance Memorial Oncology Department to care for patients before and after they receive radiation treatments. To learn more about us including our emergency dental services, cosmetic dentistry, and prosthodontics, call the office or schedule an appointment with the online booking feature.

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Words from our patients

  • 5 star

    Dr. Rodriguez & Dr. Ikoma are wonderful. Lucy, the hygienist is unbelievable. After my first cleaning with her, I knew I didn't want anybody else taking care of my teeth!

    Jenna Fitzy
  • 5 star

    The staff is super professional and always very friendly! Upon entering the office, you're always greeted with a smile.

    Ana Michels
  • 5 star

    Dr. Rodriguez and her wonderful staff make it pleasurable to come to the dentist. Lucy and Amelia are fantastic hygienists.

    Anne Grovier
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