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If you’ve broken a tooth, don’t wait for it to get worse — schedule a visit with MariaElena Rodriguez, DDS, Michelle Ikoma, DDS, and the team at South Bay Prosthodontics in Torrance, California. The dental experts at South Bay Prosthodontics are highly skilled and specially trained in restorative dentistry and can repair your tooth’s damage while keeping the overall appearance of your smile perfectly intact. Fix your broken tooth today by calling the office.

Broken Tooth Q & A

What is a broken tooth?

A broken tooth can refer to a variety of different conditions, including:

  • Chipping
  • Fracturing
  • Breaking off entirely

Whether you’ve broken your tooth because of physical trauma (like a sports injury or automobile accident) or you simply bit down awkwardly, the prosthodontics specialists at South Bay Prosthodontics are highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry and can help restore your smile to its natural beauty.

What should I do if I’ve broken my tooth?

If you’ve fully broken off a portion of your tooth, call South Bay Prosthodontics immediately to schedule an appointment. In order to have the best chances of restoring your smile, you should try to see a prosthodontist within 24 hours.

Until your appointment, you should clean your mouth by rinsing it out with warm water or saltwater. 

You can apply a cold compress to your cheek around the area of the broken tooth to help minimize swelling and inflammation, and you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help ease your discomfort.

You should try to dress your broken tooth in gauze to aid in soaking up any bleeding. If you don’t have gauze handy, you can use a wet tea bag as a substitute. Simply put the wet tea bag over your broken tooth and gently bite down. If your bleeding hasn’t subsided after 10 minutes, call South Bay Prosthodontics for help.

How do you fix a broken tooth?

The specialists at South Bay Prosthodontics are highly skilled at restoring broken teeth. Even if you’ve broken a tooth in a highly visible area, such as your front teeth, the team of dental experts can work to restore the function of your tooth while maintaining the overall aesthetic integrity of your smile.

There are a variety of treatments that South Bay Prosthodontics can administer to fix your broken tooth, including:

  • Tooth-colored crowns
  • Veneers
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth-colored fillings

If your tooth is severely broken and needs to be replaced entirely, your prosthodontist might suggest getting a bridge or a dental implant.

To learn more about how South Bay Prosthodontics can save your smile from a broken tooth, schedule a visit today by calling the office.