Dental Implants have a definite edge over the traditional restoration options for lost teeth. There are situations where conventional implants are not the right solution for tooth replacement. In these cases, the installation of mini implants can be the right decision to make. If you need a good dentist in Torrance, then you need to consider our staff of experienced and skilled dentistry professionals.

why mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants are especially useful in cases where conventional implants cannot be placed for a number of reasons. Some of the cases where we would recommend mini dental implants to our patients  include:

  • Poor Bone Density – The success of dental implants is dependent upon the quality of the residual jaw bone within the mouth. If the quality and quantity of the jaw bone is strong, then there are good chances that the implants will remain retentive and functional for the rest of your life.
  • Insufficient Space – After a natural tooth is lost, the opposing tooth gradually grows into the vacant space. If that happens, it is not possible to place conventional implants into the space. Instead, mini implants that are shorter in height can be implanted instead.
  • Unfit for Surgical Procedures – In some cases, our lead dentist Malena Rodriguez DDS will perform a number of surgical procedures to attempt to improve the quality of the residual upper and lower jaw bone. Some of these procedures can include a sinus lift, alveoloplasty, and bone augmentation. Some patients suffer from some form of chronic illness or malignancy that makes them unfit for surgical procedures. In case of this event, our staff of dentists (led by Dr. Rodriguez) may choose to forego surgery and replace your missing teeth with mini implants, requiring much less bone density for proper retention and functionality.
Mini-Dental-Implant in Torrance, CA

What are Mini Dental Implants Made of?

Mini dental implants are made of the same material as standard implants – titanium alloy. However, mini implants are much smaller. They are primarily titanium posts with a ball attached at the exterior end. After the implant is screwed into the jaw, the bone will grow and integrate into the body over the course of three to six months. A suitable restoration is then fitted onto this precision attachment via a socket and rubber ring.

Is There Any Difference Between Conventional and Mini Dental Implants?

The difference in standard and mini implants is usually found in the size of the implant. The diameters of mini implants typically range from 1.8 to 3.3 mm, while regular implants are 3.4 to 5.8 mm wide. The mini implant is a two-piece structure, whereas the standard implant is a three-piece construction. Standard implants have the abutment applied in a separate procedure. Mini implants can usually be installed in just one visit, and using only simple local anesthesia. Sutures are rarely required if you receive mini implants.

Using Mini Dental Implants for Single Tooth, Multiple Teeth and Full Mouth Restoration

Mini dental implants can be used for similar purposes as conventional ones. Some of the uses that the dentists  use mini dental implants for include:

  • Full Mouth – A full mouth restoration is an in-depth procedure, which can have a positive impact on your teeth, jaws, and lips. It is typically performed with some degree of anaesthesia applied to the patient. We offer our patients several choices for complete mouth rehabilitation.
  • Single Tooth – Years ago, a single tooth would have replaced using a dental bridge. This required taking support from the remaining healthy teeth, thus weakening them to a degree. Today, dentists have a number of options to use, including mini dental implants. Once the replacement tooth has been placed on the specific implant rooted into the jawbone, the replacement will feel just like your original tooth.
  • Multiple Teeth – Multiple teeth can be supported using individual implants for each one. Implants can even support two or three teeth on a single implant if necessary. Just days afterwards, you’ll feel like you just got back your original teeth.

Permanent Teeth Replacements at South Bay Prosthodontics, Torrance CA

  • Getting Rid of Your Dentures – When supported by mini implants, dentures won’t have the same weaknesses as conventional dentures. They stay in your mouth, and do not have to be kept in soaking solutions overnight or out during meals. They do not cause gum shrinkage or bone loss. And of course, they’ll never need to be relined.
  • Restore that Natural Feeling – Teeth replacements by using mini dental implants are can bring back that original feeling. Teeth that are supported by mini implants are firmly rooted into the jaw bone, just like your natural teeth. These are lifelong replacements, far superior to conventional replacements like bridges and dentures. Just like natural teeth, mini implant supported restorations require regular hygiene, like brushing twice a day and floss. And just like your natural teeth, it’s recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year.

Mini Dental Implants -- Permanent Dentures, Fixed Bridges, Teeth Replacement

So what have you learnt about mini dental implants? Mini dental implants are the single best solution to all your restoration problems. Whether it is a single tooth to be replaced, or more than one tooth. Whether the teeth are adjacent or in different parts of the jaw, simply using mini dental implants can help amend any problems you’re suffering from. It could be a complete denture, or a full mouth restoration – either way, mini dental implants offer the best, most convenient, and most reliable solutions to all your tooth replacement needs.

Implant supported restorations offer you a solution, requiring no more than regular hygiene practice and routine bi-annual visits to the dentist.

You deserve beautiful smile, and you can get it by having your missing teeth replaced with the amazing advancement of mini implants. The price is well worth the results. Just think about all the benefits you can enjoy after implant therapy. So why are you waiting? Contact our staff and see more  of the options our experienced staff can give to you in Torrance, CA.