Temporary crowns play a big role while you are taking the steps to getting gorgeous, new permanent crowns. These transition crowns do many good things before the final restoration step can occur, and taking care of them is just as crucial as necessary as caring for your regular, natural teeth.

Temporary crowns don’t last forever, however, they should be treated the same as your natural teeth or permanent crowns. These durable crowns are formed with acrylic resin and work like a protective shield for the prepared tooth until you receive a permanent crown. Be aware though, that these temporary crowns have finite durability. Meet our top Cosmetic Dentist.

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A vital question:

Can temporary crowns be brushed or flossed?

Yes, you can do both, however you should be cautious. You should not use an aggressive brushing motion with temporary crowns. Although they are are very strong, they can chip off or become loose from their temporary cement base if you are not careful while brushing your teeth.

Do not use an electric toothbrush on your temporary crowns. Instead, you should brush softly and carefully around your temporary crowns with a regular toothbrush. You can also use a children’s toothbrush, the extra soft bristles will be very gentle on your temporary crowns until your permanent crowns are placed.

A little more attention is required while you are flossing, particularly when removing the floss from temporary crowns. You should not floss the way you floss your natural teeth, this means pulling it up through the close space between the adjoining tooth and the temporary. This can cause damage to the temporary crown and cause irritate the area. Slowly and carefully pull the floss to the side so you can slide it out. This way, you do not pull the floss against the temporary crown. Pulling the floss through the teeth will irritate the already sensitive area around the temporary crown and gums.

Dentists recommend flossing temporary crowns two times a day.

These smart care tips will help you take care of your temporary crowns until your new, permanent crowns are inserted. By following these tips, you should have no problems in achieving your goal of a beautiful smile.

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