The appearance of your dental implants is a big factor to keep in mind, since it will function as your new tooth.  Our dental experts can will gladly help you choose the most realistic and aesthetic shade for your new dental implant crown.

Picking the Best Shade For Crowns

Your dental implant crown should match the color of the other teeth for the best looking, most natural results. Your hair color, skin tone,  as well as your eye shade are also surrounding determining factors that may influence the color you might want to decide on. See how we can serve you with Dental Crowns.

How to choose the proper crown color Torrance CA

Many dentists recommend that patients who are considering dental implants receive a teeth whitening treatment for their natural teeth just before choosing a color for the crown. This will ensure that the crown better matches the natural teeth. It may be more challenging to match the crown to the same shade of your teeth without whitening, matching the color is easier after the teeth have been whitened.

What Do Dentists Suggest?

You will be shown a graph, like a profile hue manual for you to choose a color scheme for your dental implant. The dentist will typically place the teeth or tooth in the planned location and looks at how the tooth color will contrast with the surrounding teeth and features.

There is not just a single criteria for the best pearly white color scheme. However, the most used of these is called the Profile hue overview, which sections the implant color scheme into 4 assortments: A (red-brown), B (red-yellow), C (grey), and also D (red-gray).

You may be asked to choose a single color for the dental implant crown, but keep in mind that the implants will most likely incorporate several tones, so they can appear more natural since natural teeth are not just one color scheme. Shade variety will help the crown look more realistic and avoid a synthetic or  artificial appearance. A uniquely shaped surface area of the crown will also help the implant appear even more natural by dividing the lighting representation on the ceramic tooth.

Brush and floss your teeth regularly and attend dental cleanings to keep your crowns clean and unstained. You should also be mindful of your consumption of food and drink that stains teeth easily like coffee or wine.

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