Dental Bridges Procedure

Two visits are usually required for this procedure, but with the advent and advances of CAD / CAM in modern dental practice, dental bridges can be placed in just one visit. The steps are:

How are Dental Bridges Attached Torrance CA

1 – Healing and Recovery – This process is often done when replacing one or more freshly extracted teeth. If so, there must be time given for the gum to fully heal.

2 – Anesthesia – In case of extractions, once the gum is healed, the procedure starts with the numbing of the abutment tooth. Desensitization will occur using one or more shots of local anesthetic in the gums around the abutment teeth. Your dentist will then make sure the anesthesia is efficient, and start the procedure once you are pain-free.

3 – Trimming the Abutment Teeth – Once the gums are completely numb, the abutment teeth are trimmed so the crowns can be placed. The two abutment teeth need to be shaped parallel to allow for an easy, simultaneous placement of the crowns.

4 – Impression – The abutment teeth and the gum space in between is then prepared for impression taking. The impression is taken the dentist, and delivered to the dental lab for production. The material specification and color of the other teeth is also sent to the lab.

5 – Temporary Bridge – During the operation, enamel will be trimmed away from the teeth. This can make them weak and sensitive. The dentist makes a temporary replacement from the impression that was taken, and secures it to the teeth.

6 – Construction – The bridge will be fabricated by the lab according to the impression sent by the dentist. This process may take a few weeks.

7 – Fitting – The temporary bridge is then taken off and the permanent one is fitted. If it doesn’t fit or is painful, adjustments may be required. Once it is comfortably placed, the addition is sealed permanently to the teeth.

8 – Check-Up Visit – A check-up visit will be scheduled after a several months, to see if the addition is causing you any discomfort or pain. Needed adjustments may be made.

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