Your Customized Road to a Winning Smile

When it comes to getting a winning smile, everyone has different needs. At South Bay Prosthodontics, our team specializes in restorative dental techniques to repair broken, damaged, or missing teeth. 

Whether you have a single tooth affecting your smile or you need full mouth rehabilitation, we can guide you through your personalized treatment options. Based on your comprehensive evaluation, we could recommend a variety — or a combination — of solutions to restore your smile. 


Veneers offer a quick and simple way of completely transforming your smile. We attach these thin, tooth-like shells to the outside of your tooth to conceal dental imperfections, ranging from discoloration and wear to gaps or shape issues. This minimally invasive technique is quick, easy, and provides instant results.


A dental crown is a tooth-like cap that restores the structure and appearance of a tooth. They come in several materials, but ceramic, porcelain, or fused-metal options offer the best results for improving your smile's appearance. 

We use crowns in three primary ways: to cover a damaged tooth, as support in a bridge, or as a replacement tooth on top of an implant.


A bridge fills the gap between missing teeth by attaching a pontic — or artificial tooth — to remaining teeth. There are different types of bridges, but they usually involve covering the tooth (or teeth) supporting your pontic with a crown.


A dental implant is a state-of-the-art tooth replacement that involves anchoring a titanium post in your jaw to simulate a tooth root. This option not only ensures your crown stays securely in place so it feels like a natural tooth, but it also reduces your risk of bone loss in your jaw.


If you have several missing teeth, you could benefit from dentures. These removable oral appliances can replace some or all of your teeth by attaching artificial teeth to an acrylic base. Thanks to new and improved dental technology, we now offer a variety of denture options, including:

We can help you select the best dentures to improve your smile based on your unique situation.

Full mouth rehabilitation

When you have several dental issues, like numerous missing teeth or extensive decay, wear, or damage, we might recommend full mouth reconstruction. Unlike esthetic dentistry procedures that you undergo purely for cosmetic reasons, full mouth rehabilitation focuses on restoring function and improving your oral health. 

Common treatments performed as part of full mouth rehabilitation include:

Using these treatments, we focus on rebuilding or repairing all of your teeth to correct oral diseases and restore your ability to chew and speak. And as a bonus, we improve your smile at the same time.

To get closer to your winning smile, contact our office in Torrance, California, by calling 310-626-1791 to schedule a consultation today. You can also send a message to the team here on our website.

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